Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy Review

Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy

Are you a pyromaniac head who craves spicy food every now and then?

Insane enough to take on one of the spiciest noodle challenges?

If you’ve said yes, then you’re a biiiig fat liar, but if you say so then let me introduce you to this demon king that will spawn a level 99 Ifrit whom will blaze a hell fire down your throat as this bad boy’s doom recipe is designed to show no mercy, I give you the Korean Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy:

Korean Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy


The packaging is really simple and well done, all 5 packs inside this package were labeled as “Halal” certified, each pack had the following inside them:

  • Dried Noodles.
  • Fire Sauce on a dangerous looking red sachet.
  • Seaweed with Seasame Seeds sachet.

Samyang Fire Noodles Spicy Sauce and Seaweed with Sesame Seeds Topping

It is pretty much like any other noodle and you can prepare it different ways, additional toppings like soft boiled eggs or sunny side eggs, chives and green onions for extra flavor, you can enjoy this noodle in different variations.


As soon as you open up the hot sauce packet this thing will sting your nose, your body will immediately react by sweating knowing that it is stepping into some “no no” zone.

Fire Noodles Sauce

As you mix the sauce with the noodles, it starts to thicken and coat all of the noodles, be warned though that this sauce can leave a nasty stain so be careful not to splash it around carelessly otherwise you will have some hard cleaning to do.

Overall the smell of the noodles coated with the sauce is pretty savory and spicy, it scores a solid 3/5 from me.


Coming to the texture, the noodles that come with this brand are very thick compared to your regular Indomie Mi Goreng thin noodles.

I suppose that the chewiness of thicker noodles goes well with a spicy broth but that is a subjective thing as I had a reasonably good experience with thinner noodles along a spicy broth.

I would prefer thinner noodles since they’re easier to control using a chopstick since they make slurping quite easy compared to thicker noodles.

Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy in a Bowl

Although I’m not a fan of thick noodles, I appreciate the chewiness as I don’t mind some munching action, this particular noodle texture scores a 3.5/5 from me.

Taste and Spicy Level

This is what we have been waiting, so how does it taste Senpai?

Well, the first two bites you take will be easy, the spice does not hit your tongue immediately as its the type that needs time to build up, half way through though you will be already sweating and as you’re nearing the end you most likely will feel numbness from the heat.

This definitely tastes the same as the original 1x version but with twice the spice level.

Samyang Fire Noodles

The taste of the noodles is actually quite good, it is definitely not one of those “cheap” mass produced noodles, the taste is strong and one of a kind, if you’re a spicy noodles lover then this is an easy recommend.

A note I would like to make is that I prepared my noodles with only 3 spoonfuls of water just to be able to savor the taste and it was definitely worth it, in this criteria the noodles score a 4/5 from me, wouldn’t get bored eating it again as I deem it as a “safe pick”.


What I’ve liked about these noodles is that they stand up straight in your face with no lies, they aren’t like any other noodles I’ve tasted, so if you’re looking for some noodles action then look no further than this, go hard or go home.

You might have a difficulty obtaining these noodles locally, at least for me my only choice is to order it online from amazon or ebay.

Overall this noodle scores a total of 3.5/5 points.

There are more variations out there from this brand, I’m looking forward to reviewing more in the future.

If you liked this review and have any questions then leave a comment below and I ll let you know what I think as soon as I’m available.

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